Vol. 1, Issue 4


Energy Management & Data Logging

How do YOU...

  • Address poor power quality?
  • Manage high energy and/or operational costs?
  • Deal with inefficiencies and waste?
  • Attend to equipment and motor overloading?
  • Improve the bottom line?

With the help of ACR Systems!

Why Manage Energy?

There are many compelling reasons why a company might want to implement an Energy Management program:

  • To reduce energy and operational costs
  • To avoid emissions and safety penalties from inefficient equipment
  • To reduce exposure and risk to utility deregulation, volatile fuel prices and power supply concerns
  • To improve productivity and increase shareholder value
  • And finally...

To improve the bottom line!

Energy Management Program

Even if you are unsure whether your company experiences the above problems, it is recommended that any business implement an Energy Management program. ENERGY STAR, a US government-backed program designed to protect the environment through energy efficiency, recommends the following:


Habitual energy use usually goes unnoticed unless there is a management tool to expose it. This is where the ACR 10year self-powered data logger comes in. Data is collected continuously regardless of the systems state. Whether you backup the data in 2 months or 2 years, the data is always being recorded 24/7/365. This means progress can be evaluated at any time as old practices tend to creep back in.

   In the News

Government Programs for Energy Management Many country, state and provincial programs are available to help companies to reduce their energy consumption. Let ACR show you how easy it is to Save Energy no matter how big or small the organization.

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   ACR's Role

Use ACR’s compact, portable and self-powered data loggers throughout a building or plant to:

  • Assess Performance – collect energy usage information and document data over time.
  • Evaluate Progress - monitor performance and determine if goals were met.

Using ACR’s data logger software, data can be downloaded to a computer, analyzed in graphical or tabular format, and stored electronically.

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   Application Profile

Electrical Demand
The cost of energy is substantial – it is underestimated how simply changing usage patterns can contribute to savings. By simply graphing the use patterns of major loads over time, usage can be assessed, improvements made and compliance maintained. The advantage of the ACR Data Logger is its ability to be placed on circuits without disconnecting or touching high voltage wires. The data logger remains hidden inside the distribution panel until the data is extracted.

ACR Data Loggers provide an effective means of collecting and presenting data for Electrical Demand Profiling.

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