Newsletter Vol. 3, Issue 7 - May 2009
Featured Application:
Energy Demand Profile
Energy Demand Profiling

The cost of energy is substantial - it is underestimated how simply changing usage patterns can contribute to savings. ACR Data Logging Solutions provide an effective means of collecting and presenting data for Electrical Load Profiling. Learn more by reading the complete Energy Demand Profiling Application Note.
PowerWatch Tech Tip:

ACR PowerWatch - Voltage Disturbance Recorder
Problem: How do I conserve the PowerWatch Voltage Disturbance Recorder's battery life?

Solution: Simply leave the unit plugged in when it is not in use.

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Need a Catalog?
ACR Product Catalog

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Question 1:  Am I able to download data from a PowerWatch Recorder without having it plugged in?

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Question 2:  Can I communicate with a PowerWatch Recorder remotely?

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Trade-In Policy
Did you know that ACR's Trade-In Policy allows you to trade in your used competitor's loggers for new ACR loggers?

You can trade in your old, used data loggers and receive 25% off the price of a new ACR Data Logger.
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