Reseller Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 6 - January 2009
NEW Application Note: Critical Asset Monitoring


Companies rely on clean power - the integrity of electrical and electronic equipment ensures continuity of productivity; downtime directly impacts the bottom line. ACR Data Logging Solutions provide an effective means of monitoring Critical Asset Exposure to bad power. Learn more by reading the complete Critical Asset Monitoring Application Note.
Sales Tip: What Some Customers have Told us About our Competition?
In 2008 ACR exhibited at 8 large tradeshow as well as many other tabletop shows.  While attending these tradeshows we often ask visitors if they have ever used data loggers in their line of work. Sometimes they'll mention a competitor's name.  Then they often go on to tell us that's why they're talking to ACR, they're not happy working with our competitor's products and software.  Find out more here.
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Some of our resellers have asked for our help with promoting ACR products to their customers. They have sent us their customer lists and we are sending out our monthly end-user newsletter to those leads. We are adding the appropriate reseller's logo and contact details and we can also add other information specific to each reseller. Under no circumstances will we use the list for any of our own sales or marketing purposes.
Question 1: What do the "ERROR ###" messages recorded in a PowerWatch indicate?

Click here for the Answer.

Question 2: What does the "Loss of Synchronization" error in PowerWatch mean?

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Tech Tips
Problem: PowerWatch is unable to log events when viewed in real-time or while communicating with the computer.

Solution: Remove the Lite-Link cable once you are finished setting up the logger or viewing in real-time.
Trade-In Policy
Are you aware that ACR's Trade-In Policy allows customers to trade in used competitor's loggers for new ACR loggers?

As an ACR reseller you receive 50% off the list price of a new logger, 25% of which will be passed on to your customer.  
If you would like more information contact your Territory Manager or email our Marketing Department.
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