Newsletter Vol. 3, Issue 5 - February 2009
NEW Application Note - Critical Asset Monitoring

Companies rely on clean power. The integrity of electrical and electronic equipment ensures continuity of productivity; downtime directly impacts the bottom line. ACR Data Logging Solutions provide an effective means of monitoring Critical Asset Exposure to poor power quality. Learn more by reading the complete Critical Asset Monitoring Application Note.
Protect Critical Assets
Prevent Incidental Costs such as:
  • Low Productivity
  • Equipment Repair & Replacement
  • Catastrophic Failure
Companies need to be savvy; safeguarding critical equipment and data is crucial to survival. Poor quality UPS equipment, faulty wiring, external accidents and generation problems all degrade Power Quality. Using a Voltage Disturbance Recorder (VDR) is the only way to know whether devices used to protect your equipment are working. ACR's PowerWatch VDR records essential power quality events and disturbances. It provides safe, stand-alone operation with no wires, alligator clips or other exposed wiring. With the capacity to record up to 4000 events and an optical alarm, ACR's PowerWatch is the easiest way to monitor and record essential voltage disturbance information.
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Question 1: What does the "Loss of Synchronization" error in PowerWatch mean?

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Question 2: What do "ERROR ###" messages recorded in a PowerWatch indicate?

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Tech Tips
Problem: PowerWatch is unable to log events when viewed in real-time or while communicating with the computer.

Solution: Remove the Lite-Link cable once you are finished setting up the logger or viewing in real-time.

Trade-In Policy
Did you know that ACR's Trade-In Policy allows you to trade in your used competitor's loggers for new ACR loggers?

You can trade in your old, used data loggers and receive 25% off the price of a new ACR Data Logger.

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