Newsletter Vol. 3, Issue 6 - April 2009
NEW Application Note - Determining Existing Loads

In order to add to existing electrical systems, Electrical Codes require a load study to determine "actual maximum demand" over a 1-year period, or by exception, 30-days. ACR Data Loggers are an ideal tool for providing either short or long term load studies. Learn more by reading the complete Determining Existing Loads Application Note.
NEW - TRH & JR Loggers Eligible for Trade-In

ACR's Trade-In Policy allows you to trade in your old SmartReader, SmartReader Plus and OWL data loggers and receive a 25% discount off the list price of a new data logger. From now up to and including May 31st, 2009 we are extending our Trade-In policy to include the TRH and JR data loggers. We encourage you to contact your local reseller or ACR directly for more details. 
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Question 1:  How do I know what sample rate to use and for how long I can log?

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Question 2: How can I open multiple files on the same graph?

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Tech Tips
Problem: Is it possible to extend the wires or leads for the various types of probes carried by ACR?

Solution: Yes, it is possible to extend the wire or leads on the probes. Click here for more details
Trade-In Policy
Did you know that ACR's Trade-In Policy allows you to trade in your used competitor's loggers for new ACR loggers?

You can trade in your old, used data loggers and receive 25% off the price of a new ACR Data Logger.

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