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 Newsletter Vol. 3, Issue 3 - August 2010
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ACR SmartButton Data Logger
Metering Concrete Maturity...
Metering Concrete Maturity...
Concrete maturity can be determined by profiling temperature within the structure of a pour. Profiling benefits the project both in quality and speed of construction, as adequate hydration can be determined and forms/shoring can be removed. Portable multi-channel Data Loggers are ideal for both laboratory and field work as they are deployed without the need for external power. Read more here.
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Air Handler Balancing...

HVAC System efficiency depends on balancing. The air-handler is a fundamental component of forced-air ventilation and if it is designed wrong, does not meet specifications, or is tuned incorrectly, it can cost extra to operate.  Recording heat energy, air temperatures and ambient conditions reveals deficiencies in construction and operation. Read more here.
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